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WeMos AP with WS2811 RGB

Parts WeMos D1 WiFi ESP8266 UNO IOT Development Board WS2811 RGB pixels Step One: To set up this board with the Arduino IDE, you must first place this link in File > Preferences > Additional Boards Manager URLs: (Ctrl+Comma) Step Two: Then go to Tool > Boards > Boards Manager: Scroll down until you see esp8266 by ESP8266 Community and install it. Make sure it lists WeMos D1 R1 as shown below in the screenshot. Step Three: Make sureRead More …

Photo & Video Test

This page is just a test for adding photos and videos to the page. after working out all these details, I can start adding parts/projects to this website. if you notice any issues with anything on this website, hit me up.

Testing Syntax Highlighter

This is just a test for the Syntax Highlighter when posting Arduino IDE ready code. the code below is the default sketch for the Neopixels.

Just getting started

This page is just getting started, I’ll be uploading as many parts as I can with wiring diagrams and working sketches. This site is going to be aimed at a one-stop shop for an understanding on what each part/sensor is and does with easy plug and play wiring/code so users at home can fully play along with what they see here. Note: If this is something you’d like to help out with, hit me up on my Contact Page, Facebook, or Twitter account. Nothing hereRead More …