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    WeMos D1 WiFi ESP8266 UNO IOT Development Board
    WS2811 RGB pixels

    Step One:
    To set up this board with the Arduino IDE, you must first place this link in File > Preferences > Additional Boards […]

  • This page is just a test for adding photos and videos to the page. after working out all these details, I can start adding parts/projects to this website. if you notice any issues with anything on this […]

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    think I got the layout just how I like it, just got to work on some photo options for post and pages so I can start uploading projects. after that, I’ll be able to really make a nice banner. the one being used now is just a placeholder for now.


  • This page is just getting started, I’ll be uploading as many parts as I can with wiring diagrams and working sketches. This site is going to be aimed at a one-stop shop for an understanding on what each pa […]